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What is a baby naming ceremony? Is it suitable for my child?

What is a baby naming ceremony?

A baby naming ceremony is a bespoke ceremony to celebrate the birth of a child. With Baby Naming Ireland each individual ceremony is written up by our team to ensure the views, beliefs and values of the parents/guardians are reflected throughout. The ceremony can be entirely secular, or include some prayers and religious elements.

Parents/guardians will be guided through the process as our team draw up your child’s ceremony. You will be able to choose which elements you would like to include such as:

a wish jar - here each guest present can scribe a wish for the child to read when they are older.

sand ceremony- here two or more coloured sands are mixed together into a vase to reflect the joining of the various members of the family. There are various options with a sand ceremony. One example is when 2 colours are used- one to represent the child, the other to represent the parents. The parents colour is poured in as the base colour, followed by the child’s colour, and then the parents colour on top again. This represents the love of the parents wrapped around the child. The fact that the sand can almost never be separated reflects the unit of the family.

poems, prayers or readings

A full list of options can be obtained from our team.

Is it suitable for my child?

Baby Naming Ceremonies are an option for all children, of any age. They are hugely popular around the world however have only recently been introduced to Ireland. Baby Naming ceremonies are an option for parents, guardians and children of all faiths, or none.

Baby Naming Ceremonies are suitable if you wish to have any of the following:

  • a celebration for your newborn/ young child.

  • a secular celebrationa celebration for your child with some religion but not sign them into a particular religion

  • a celebration for your child with inputs from two or more religions

  • a celebration for your newborn in a relaxed setting such as your home

  • a celebration for your newborn in a venue with everything arranged for you from ceremony, to music and a meal

  • a celebration for an older child

  • a celebration for an adopted child who may already have been welcomed into a religion

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